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08-27-2012, 10:18 PM
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LMFAO, i'm whining?
Your post, post #96, where you tell me ' don't ask me to drag down my entertainment product in the name of fairness for a owner like that or a fan base that does not want to pay competitive ticket prices' , is whining.

I don't recall asking you to do anything. I do recall posting that I'm against selling cap space. Whether you agree with me doesn't matter. I am concerned about whether the majority of owners agree with me.

Here's real wining for you, our team needs money from yours, so we can stay alive, we want parity in the league, we want our entertainment product as good as yours, but i only want to pay $35/55.
I missed the part where I posted my team needs money to survive. Which of my posts was it again ?

Was it before or after I posted, that I didn't want my owner getting $5m or $10m from other teams? Was it before or after I posted that fans should not be concerned with Wang's 'bleeding'?

I don't care that you pay $135, i want some of that sent to my team, this ain't fair your team can spend more then mine, i don't want to lose our star players.
Invent much? Again. I don't want Wang getting that extra $.
I'd much rather see parity.

You want your team to give you more then what you pay for, all i want is for my team to be able to invest in the product i pay for.
I want a level playing field. Or as close to a level playing field, as the league can make.

If i have to pay alot more then you do to see a live event, then i want my entertainment product to have a lot more invested in it.

Want some cheese with that whine?

Oh and for that simple luxury of giving me what i pay for, i'll send your team some welfare $ so you can keep your ticket prices down.
Nah Don't bother. As I posted earlier, my owner refuses to sell. His losses can't be so bad if he's brushing off a would be buyer and telling the press he won't sell.

Meanwhile, we'll stick with the current cap floor and cap ceiling. Stick with teams up against the cap ceiling and looking to add salary, having to dump salary.

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