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08-28-2012, 12:51 AM
Phaneuf sucks
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value is fair EA Sports wise on the PITT/TOR deal, you guys going nuts are basing it off real life.

The whole reason i won't make trades is because all i do is play NHL and the game value of players is so different then real life lol. a 91 OV Malkin is not significantly better then a 88 overall Phaneuf in the game, even though in real life it's not even close.

Obviously though, Pittsburgh lost the trade still. I guess it all depends on the skill of the GM game-playing wise though on if a team is good or not. You can have garbage players and be the best team in the league if you're good @ the game lol.

- For some reason i think some of you guys are getting a bit too "fantasy" in it with player names, stacked team with big names does not = best team

For the record i definitely wouldnt give up a Malkin for a defenceman..... Forwards are way too valuable in NHL games, you do everything with them, all you need on defence is OFD's with good skating

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