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Originally Posted by Raym11 View Post
value is fair EA Sports wise on the PITT/TOR deal, you guys going nuts are basing it off real life.

The whole reason i won't make trades is because all i do is play NHL and the game value of players is so different then real life lol. a 91 OV Malkin is not significantly better then a 88 overall Phaneuf in the game, even though in real life it's not even close.

Obviously though, Pittsburgh lost the trade still. I guess it all depends on the skill of the GM game-playing wise though on if a team is good or not. You can have garbage players and be the best team in the league if you're good @ the game lol.

- For some reason i think some of you guys are getting a bit too "fantasy" in it with player names, stacked team with big names does not = best team

For the record i definitely wouldnt give up a Malkin for a defenceman..... Forwards are way too valuable in NHL games, you do everything with them, all you need on defence is OFD's with good skating
I don't think there's a clear loser for the trade unless you're looking only at who got the best player. Everyone just sees Phaneuf for Malkin and ignores the rest of it. Neal to Kessel is a big upgrade. In real life, you would say Neal is a better player overall than Kessel without question, but they're rated the opposite. When you consider the fact that Neal will have much higher attributes in defensive, checking, strength areas (or basically, everything outside of offense and speed) than Kessel, it means that Kessel's offensive attributes (the most important bunch) must be significantly higher than Neal's for Kessel to still be two points higher in overall. In all likelihood, he still has the 93 rating that EA gave him in NHL 12 for every shooting category. Kessel's offensive stats will be among the highest in the game and that's what people are ignoring along with Pittsburgh moving a redundant player on their roster (Vokoun) for Grabovski and a 1st.

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