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08-28-2012, 08:06 AM
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I won't

Putting all discussions in fewer threads while an attempt to make things "better" in some way, end up making things more complicated. Regulars gun shy to start a thread knowing it will probably get moved or ignored because its half discussed somewhere. Mods in doing so end making more work for themselves by having to move almost all new threads, and it takes the ignore thread feature away from end users.

Neuvy's comments 1st discussed in the acq thread, then inevitably someone knowing roster moves are nil now doesn't read that thread. Starts a hot topic Neuvy thread, and then mods ponder digging out all those Neuvy comments, or merging a valid new thread into an unrelated thread. Again extra work so why bother and discussions happen in 2 threads, even though one would think fewer threads would prevent that. So it fails.

/end annual less threads is better rant

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