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Originally Posted by Sokil View Post

I mean, like I said, look at HC Donbass-2's roster. It's half Russian. If they want to do junior teams, why not play in the MHL? It's better for their development anyway.

No need to junior a/b the PHL junior circuit, not enough players left over from the ones in the MHL farm in this instance. If they're not good enough to PHL-Jr, and not going pro, they can play night hockey league / WUAHL / beer league, their career's over anyway.

for MHL, have 2 (donbass, berkut) and call it a day. Who would ice a team in MHL-B?
The reason I suggested a lower-tier circuit of Junior A and Junior B teams is to create depth and competitive hockey for players who either aren't quite good enough for MHL/MHL-B or any of the above leagues. This would allow for players who are 18, 19, 20 years old to keep playing competitive hockey and would allow the premier younger 15, 16, 17 year olds to play at a higher level and prepare them for higher levels of junior/pro hockey. Having a good depth system would help Ukraine to retain their premier players from a young age as it would give them a good place to develop at home, rather than having to move to Russia to play.

As CSKA suggested, put Donbass and Berkut into the MHL, Kharkov into the MHL-B, retain all the current teams in the PHL and use the lower Junior leagues as direct feeders to the PHL teams in their cities.

It's pretty pathetic that Ukraine doesn't have a single MHL or MHL-B team, when Hungary, Romania and Lithuania all have teams. This is something that will need to change to help the development of Ukrainian hockey. The MHL would be a much better place for youngsters like Zakharov, Martyshko and all the 92's, 93's and 94's playing in the PHL to develop and play against talent their own age. Playing in the PHL could really hurt their development offensively and in the long run.

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