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08-28-2012, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by HabsByTheBay View Post
I thought about doing it when I was in town, but you'd spend more time on the train than actually in Quebec City, so I decided it wasn't worth it. To do QC, I think you need at least an overnight stay.
Not really, it's a 2 hour drive from Montreal so it's not that far.. Just leave early in the morning and comeback late night. It will do it.

Originally Posted by Ih8theislanders View Post
Hey guys, potentially planning a family trip to Mont Tremblant in March. We want to try to go to the Hab-NYR game. We'll be wearing our NYR jerseys but we're not obnoxious at games. We can handle some ribbing for sure but how much harsh treatment should we be expecting?

Also, what are some good touristy things we should look to do in the area? I'm not going with friends this time so it's not really a drinking trip unfortunately.
In the molson area people are dumb and drunk. The rest is cool.

Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
Can anyone give me a rough estimate of how long it would take to drive from Brossard to Downtown Montreal during rush hour (Pont Champlain)?

From what I remember buses have their own lane on Pont Champlain; how long would it take by bus?
10 minutes by subway, 30 by bus, 30 by car.
Originally Posted by HabsByTheBay View Post
I can't imagine many better cities to wander around drunk in late at night than Montreal. My first night I got slightly worried, then I realized it was entirely because the drunks around me were speaking in French. After that it was a breeze.

Even the "bad" neighborhoods are pretty boring. The biggest drawback are the locals-only bars where they give you a funny look when you walk in, but two beers later it's cool.
just dont go in the Irish or Ghetto bars. MTL is good if you stay on the big streets.

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