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08-28-2012, 12:35 PM
sherwood sniper
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Respect.. Thats all that this is boiling down to. He's not scared, he dosen't want you to not try and score blah blah.

Its like getting slashed every time you pick up the puck. It doesn't always hurt or even make contact, but i guarantee it will **** you off. Especially when playing meaningless pick up hockey.

It is extremely annoying when the same player shoots there every shot. 9 times out of ten if it is at his head, it wasn't even on net. Shoot elsewhere.

Goalie codes/rules for skaters from a forward/coach:

I do a lot of coaching with new and inexperienced players and these things are done regularly and drive me absolutely nuts.

Most of these apply to warmups. During games no rules apply

-Do not shoot anywhere near the net when the goalie is stretching/ preparing crease.

-Do not shoot when the goalie's back is facing up ice. There is no padding on a goalies backside, plain and simple.

-Only shoot on goal when the goalie is facing you! If hes set up for another shot, just wait man.

-Do not shoot high(head) during warmups. Don't get your goalie out of the game before its even started.

-Don't try and snipe the goalie every shot during warmups. Shooting drills are for the goalie during warmups. If you want to practice accuracy, shoot right at the glove/blocker and pads and make it so he barley moves. All they are doing is getting a feel and timing for the puck. Make you goalie confident in warmups!

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