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Originally Posted by MJB Devils23 View Post
I still stand behind my comparison.
You're still wrong.

Originally Posted by MJB Devils23 View Post
The media compares players all the time for different reasons. Pedroia has been anointed Boston's Derek Jeter. Jose Tabata has been compared to Manny Ramirez. Jesus Montero has been compared to Mike Piazza. None of these are my comparisons. These comparisons were made by the media. Hell Al Leiter said Cory Lidle was Greg Maddux lite.

Same hometown
Same attributes
Same physique
Same style

All of these are various criteria scouts and media will use to compare players.

Hernandez regressed his sophomore season. 2005 was his rookie season. 2006 was his sophomore season.

Also I said Nova is Hernandez lite. I didn't say Nova was the next Hernandez. Want another one? Ricky Romero is Johan Santana lite.

Geography fail on my part. I meant to say Latin America.
You're still wrong again. On everything. If we're going to go with Hernandez's first season as the one where he was around for half the year, then we might as well count Nova's first season as 2010. I'm aware the innings totals weren't the same for each, but that only makes the numbers more lopsided. You're still wrong. You're nowhere near right. You're totally biased. And oh yeah, you're wrong. Ivan Nova and Felix Hernandez are nowhere near similar. Ivan Nova is a lite version of a lite version of a poor man's version of a knock off of Felix Hernandez. That is more accurate than your statement.

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