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08-28-2012, 03:05 PM
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Well, here's a study of how the typical american family spends it's money:

Looking through the list I could easily pick out a few thousand / year in expenses to cut. I also personally know people who lived in poverty and still spent their money stupidly (families mind you). I grew up with kids who lived with parents who were broke and let their homes go to ****, yet still did things like lease new cars. People wasting their money in the US is a FACT backed by many studies, not something I came up with.

You're 100% right, you will NOT cover a $40K / year lifestyle off unemployment and a few thousand in savings. When you lose your job you cannot continue to live the same lifestyle as when you had it.

As for unemployment, I was referencing what it is in the US. In the US it's 50% of your previous salary up to a $ amount that varies by state (in NY it's $405). And you have to work for 6 months to qualify for full benefits. You used to be able to collect for only 26 weeks, but now it's been extended to 60 - 99 weeks depending on state.

Having families people can't pay for is a crappy life choice as well. There's plenty of cases of people having kids they're not ready for / can't afford to pay for. And yes, I'm single, no kids, and I couldn't afford to pay for kids even though I make 100K+ / year, so I won't be having them anytime soon. Debts also don't go away, but large debts, especially like mortgages / car debts aren't the kind of thing you should be taking on either if the monthly payments are going to stretch you so thin you'll have nothing left. The debt problem in the US is again a well documented thing.

The reality is the majority of americans will be in trouble if they lose their job, there's no disputing that. I'm saying that it's their decisions that put them in that position, so they're not getting any sympathy from me.

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