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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
Maybe. I mean he has regularly played 1st line minutes at some point in pretty much every NHL season except this last one. He does well for awhile but at some point he struggles offensively, and on a good team that gets him bumped down. On a bad team, I guess we'll see whether it's more beneficial to him to play through it or what.

But keep in mind that Nash, who is vastly more talented than Dubinsky in just about every way, didn't break 60 points last year. Maybe he wasn't trying hard, maybe he was down on the state of the team and wanted out, I don't know. But it certainly makes me hesitant to proclaim that a less talented player will do at least as well or possibly better.

Though as I type that, I seem to recall that Nash's icetime and responsibilities were cut in recent years for one reason or another compared to how he played under Hitchcock, so it could be more complicated.

Anisimov has also gotten his chances at higher lines and generally plays well for awhile and then falls off. He's younger and still has the chance to improve, I think, but again it's not exactly going to be easier for him without any real star players on the team.

My point is really that both guys have shown they can't consistently handle top line minutes and produce on a regular basis, and on a good team that gets them shuffled around the lineup. They were shuffled because their play fell off, not the other way around.
Somewhat disagree with the bolded part.

During his rookie year was rarely played as a top line pivot (with good reason, he was a rookie) It wasn't until the 2nd half of the season that he saw extended time with Jagr.

During his 2nd season he played quite a bit with Zherdev, but more as a 2nd line option and not nearly enough on the PP...again with good reason

Dubi's 3rd year was Gaborik's 1st year and Dubinsky didnt' play with Gabs. That was Prospal and EC all the way. Again 2nd line run.

It's the 4th season where Dubi, AA and Callahan produced numbers that would justify the kind of minutes he was playing both at ES and on the PP.

Most of Dubinsky's tenure here in NY has been spent on the 2nd line (which is fine as that is what he is)

Last year hurt him alot. He needed to come into the season and repeat his 2010-11 season and that didn't happen.

Prior to last year Dubi had progressed as a player for 4 consecutive seasons. He was better defensively AND his Points per year average were increasing each year.

While I don't believe Dubinsky is ideally suited for top line minutes, I don't really believe he was given top line minutes and therefore wasn't able to produce consistently enough to warrant the demotion as well as not producing enough to cement his position there.

Like I said, his dud of a year in 2011-12 really hurt him.

All of that said, I still believe that this is a deal we HAVE to make. Both Dubi and AA WILL outproduce Nash for their careers. Of that I have no doubt.

The question is, will they outproduce Nash and Kreider because they are replacing Dubi and AA. In my opinion, the answer is no.

What also needs to be considered here is the opportunity benefits the Rangers will receive when opposing teams key in on Nash. Someone is going to benefit from coverage that Nash will draw on a game to game basis which is something that neither Dubi or AA could generate.

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