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Trades with 20/20 (Fuhr, Zhitnik, Boucher)

Since it's about as boring as watching paint dry around here, thought I'd try and stir up a little debate.

I was thinking, if people are interested, in picking some random trades from our past and, now that all the players have either retired or played the vast majority of their career out, have a review on the trades and see how we all think the Kings made out. I'll try to post about only trades which maybe were deemed fair at the time, or at least looked not downright brutal in hindsight.

Rules of the discussion!

For sake of argument, let's look only at the players involved themselves, not at what they were later traded for. Future trades are independent of the actual trade itself and, unless it was a three way type of deal, did not factor into the trade directly. Only future contributions of the players involved should be given value.

Today's trade is...

1995-Feb-14: To the Los Angeles Kings: Grant Fuhr, Philippe Boucher and Denis Tsygurov

To the Buffalo Sabres: Charlie Huddy, Robb Stauber, Alexei Zhitnik and round 5 pick in the 1995 draft (believed to be Marian Menhart).

Here are players links for statistical comparision:
Grant Fuhr:
Phillippe Boucher:
Denis Tsygurov:
Charlie Huddy:
Robb Stauber:
Alexei Zhitnik:
Marian Menhart:

My own personal thoughts: I didn't care for the deal at the time, and I think it was just a means to try and recapture the glory days of the Oilers through Fuhr. I hated the fact it cost us one of the three great young D-men we had at the time (Sydor and Blake were the other two). On the flip side, Boucher turned out to be much better than we imagined, it just took a lot longer for that to come to reality than we had hoped. While the Kings directly didn't see nearly the same benefits of this that the Sabres did, it wasn't a completely brutal deal in terms of how the players future careers went. Boucher turned out to be a solid defenseman, while Zhitnik was the only piece worth much of anything to Buffalo. Fuhr, as bad as he was in LA, went on to have a great few seasons in St. Louis, while Stauber played just six more NHL games.

Essentially, this deals boils down to Zhitnik and Huddy for Boucher and Fuhr. Edge definately goes to Buffalo, but based on what Fuhr would go on to do after LA, it wasn't completely out of wack value wise. What makes this trade so bad for LA is that Boucher floundered for a long time in our system before he finally emerged, only to bolt to Dallas, while Fuhr took the season off, then found himself again in St. Louis under Keenan.

Fuhr and Boucher were both still very good players, just little of that was ever realized in LA. Zhitnik meanwhile was a staple of the Sabres blueline for a decade.

Overall: Slight nod to Buffalo.

From just a Kings standpoint: Buffalo wins by a landslide.

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