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08-28-2012, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by RoytoSakic View Post
She played in a men's league in Finland for Christ's sake. You are really underrating her. Sure she doesn't possess the physical attributes but she's feisty and a rather good player.
How am I underrating her? Do you think she deserves to be higher than the 65 I suggested? How many players in the Finnish men's league will be ranked 65 overall or higher?

She's a good player...against women. In this game, she'll be competing against men. Her ratings should be adjusted just as a Finnish league's men would be.

Originally Posted by DoubleAAAA View Post
No ... you're right, I'm sure the female demographic won't appreciate at all them adding a female athlete to the game.
I'm sure they will. But how many women are really going to go out of their way and pay $60 for the game just because a women was added? I don't think many.

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