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08-28-2012, 06:10 PM
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I'd reckon it to be pretty much the same story as last year.

Juventus are clear favourites, though they're unlikely to go undefeated this time around with their European commitments. Their attackers are not top notch (at international level) though, so they might struggle to score a bit (provided they don't get likes of Llorente late in the window). If they bow out of the CL early on, they should win the title at ease.

Inter look like able to be putting up a decent challenge, especially when they're are only playing in the Euro league and might not have it as a priority.

For the third spot, I'd like Napoli since it looks like Hamsik and Cavani are staying, but at the same time they have improved only marginally, if at all, from last season. Might challenge for the direct CL spot, but I doubt it.

Milan are at a sorry state, I see them being out of the Championship running quite early on.

As seen when they missed the CL proper, Udinese are not the team they were a few seasons ago. So many of their best players have left and age is bound to catch up with Di Natale rather soon.

If Jovetic stays, Fiorentina will make Europe and have some nice games along the way, but they don't look like contenders. Rome teams are probably also Europe bound, even if they are nothing special.

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