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08-28-2012, 06:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Rusty Batch View Post
Wow. LOL. Talk about dying to connect some dots and throw your political agenda out there...

Slow down guys, I said nothing that would validate these crazy political/belief/society assumptions you are making about me.

The fact is people buy many of these teams knowing they will lose money, and then turn around and lockout the league because they are LOSING money. These aren't purchases made for making money, they are purchases made to have fun and live out a childhood dream. IT is not the same thing as trying to make money.

Fact is in order to have all of that fun, sometimes there is a cost, these guys know that when they purchase the teams, they know it when they hand out the contracts, etc...
You think Uncle Phil bought the Kings for his love of hockey? Some owners have bought their teams for that reason, but they can't sustain losses year after year. I don't see why the owner of any business should have to pay his employees to the point of losing money, including pro sports owners.

I can assure you that not a single owner in the NFL got into it thinking he was going to lose money.

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