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08-28-2012, 06:45 PM
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curious what you think about re organizing the teams a bit, dave. my team is fine either way, it would hurt to start over too far, but i would agree with earlier sentiments that people are inheriting bad teams which makes it harder to care about it. i definitely agree lowering the amount of kept players would make the draft much more interesting.

i would do a complete reboot if it came down to it, though im sure just doing at least one painful draft where we arent permitted to hide too many guys would be a fair way to re level the playing surface for the group.

i like pp points. i get some of the argument against, just seems if we are including things like blocked shots than pp pts should be allowed. im fine with weighting stats categories to emphasize importance. otherwise i like the way we do it now. goals, assists, wins by goalies, these should be the most important ones. i like faceoff stats, as it makes your decision on who you play in your extra spots important.

no prospects team is fine with me. whatever everyone wnats with the rookie game count is fine too, ive lost a couple of guys that way and would like to raise it, but that may play into the lack of movement. its nice people have to make tough choices. this is a very cushy league that way.

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