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Originally Posted by iRep TheWingedWheel View Post
1st draft today. 10 team league had the 8th pick.
Looks pretty standard for a 10-teamer. I assume you went Stafford and Forte with your first 2. I definitely like Stafford this year. If you don't take him there you're stuck with an Eli/Romo/Ryan type, and they're definitely a tier below. Forte isn't gonna score much this year, but he usually doesn't, so he could still be quite productive. Wish you also had Bush, but it's tough to always get handcuffs. I definitely like Tate and Wilson on your bench. Also like your receivers as while you probably don't have a top 5 guy, you have 4 that could easily go for 1,000. Interesting kicker choice.

Originally Posted by RockFlagAndEagle View Post
Thoughts? I know it's pretty risk to have two rookie running backs, but I decided to gamble.
I think all signs point to each guy being solid this year. Richardson is clearly the guy there if he stays healthy, and Martin had absolutely no problem taking the job from Blount. Foster's obviously a stud, and Romo's a middle of the road guy in a 12-teamer, so that's fine. I think Finley will be as good or better than last year, so that's solid. Your bench would probably ultimately determine the strength of your draft.

Originally Posted by sharkie551 View Post
Any comments on how I can improve this team. I think I had a good draft but there's always room for improvement.
I'm really not a fan of anyone on your bench. As you mentioned, Starks can be dropped, and I'd say Moss and Jacobs too, and I also wouldn't worry too much about dropping Manningham for someone either. Tough to say who without looking at your free agent pool, but those would be the upgrades I'd look to make. Olsen's also a little weak at TE, so I'd see who was available there as well.

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