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12-04-2003, 02:00 PM
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Must be "whack-a-squirrel" day eh??!!!
Reminded me of a cool game: Whack!

Hey Rodent, I don't think singin meant to pick on you and he's not the type to go railing on other people's ideas. Just disagreeing with you. Maybe your defensive since you're first appearance on this board was less then conciliatory (you threatened to sue a fellow poster) and our reaction was was to defend him. Whatever it's over now and I hope you pop in from time to time (away from hockeybird boards) and give us some opinions.

Turning the page, I don't think the lines you posted are all that bad. Hell, until we see the lines actually play ya can't really tell how well they'd mesh together. I mean if I told all of you that a great line would be Rucinsky-Holik-Kovalev, you'd all have laughed unmercifully at me. Of course this would probably be nothing new...

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