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08-28-2012, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Hammer Slammer View Post
This is a bit different from the day-to-day leagues (like default Yahoo Fantasy Hockey). You will set a weekly roster (you can set your roster for the upcoming week whenever if I remember correctly).

So your bench players will sit out the week, so you'd have to pick 4 that you think aren't going to do well that week. Obviously this backfires sometimes (******* Clarke McArthur last year for me, hot streak he's benched and cold streak he's in the lineup ).

It's a head to head league, so every week you are up against another team. Whoever puts up the most total points that week wins the matchup.

Your previous roster will keep going forever until you change it. That becomes a problem if people get injured and you have 4 guys on your roster who aren't playing. That's normally how you figure out who is inactive!
That's how it was last season right?

If I'm reading this right, according to the settings for this new one it's daily lineup changes not weekly:
Lineup Changes
Daily - Lock Individually at Scheduled Gametime
I don't know if you just hit the wrong one or if you can even change it at this point, though.

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