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05-01-2006, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien
I saw him play all minutes of all his games in Montreal. I didn't think he looked particularly useful. Basically, at best, I can see him having the impact of Perezhogin. Which is essentially negligible. That's at best. At worst, he could always look more like the player I saw in Hamilton, which would have been behind Perezhogin in terms of potential impact. I don't see that this is the kind of addition we need to the roster right now.

And I don't hate Kostitsyn at all. I have hopes that one day (probably not next year) he'll be ready to play in our lineup. But I haven't seen sufficient indication that he's ready now to even remotely think he's a candidate to throw into a Game 6 NHL playoff situation, given that we have numerous other alternatives. Maybe if we had 5 other guys clicking nicely on our top-2 lines and we were really cruising along, he could get his feet wet, just for fun. But we've got pretty much nobody going for us right now, and it's not going to be fair to throw him into the current situation amongst our forwards, to him or to us. It's the sort of pointless situation that only true HFBoards dreamers can even contemplate.
I thought Perezhogin was among our 5 best forwards, if not top 3 against the canes. He's a key factor of the 42-35-20 succes. Fights for every puck, great passing (notice his slick passes to the D), best forward to get out of the corner and slide into the crease, awesome backcheking (has any other hab backchecked like he did)... didn't take stupid penalties, he even threw some big hits!! All of this as a rookie, playing with limited ice time and no PP time.

Just watch him next year... he's going to de dynamite.

As for Kostistyn. He played very conservative hockey when he was employed with the Habs this year. Basicaly demonstrated what the coaching staff wanted him to improve; some defensive awareness. I think he could have been a good addition, but he didn't get the opportunity since we faught for a playoff spot till the last game. I'm sure he would have spent some time with the Habs, if the team secured a playoff spot earlier.

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