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Originally Posted by sjaustin77 View Post
Somewhat true though I don't give them the same weight because they are a much smaller % of a players ice time and overall goals scored. Most of the play and points come from Even Strength but that doesn't mean that you should ignore the powerplay numbers right?
Yes, it does mean that.

If your goal is to demonstrate who is the best at recording points per unit of ice time, it is absolutely important to know what situations they played in. If you separate it into two situations, fine, but don't try to have a "catch all" stat that pretends that ES and PP time are the same thing.

(offensive GVT, for example, is a "catch all" stat that determines how many points a player "should" have, based on how much ES and PP icetime they received, not just a total number)

player A: 800 ES minutes, 300 PP minutes, 40 ESP, 30 PPP
player B: 800 ES minutes, 0 PP minutes, 50 ESP

who is the better producer? Player A has 3.81 points per 60 minutes, and player B has 3.75. Player A appears better, or, if we're not splitting hairs, they are about equal. And certainly, from a "hockey card stats" perspective, player A looks much better.

But if the only thing making player A the better "per minute" producer is his PP opportunities, what good are these 3.81 and 3.75 numbers? Why would we not want to get to the bottom of who was outperforming who? Those two numbers might shed light on who was better, or they might just shed light on who was playing on the PP and who wasn't.

Most players score at about double the rate on the PP. Player A did. Player B would also likely see a rate of production on the PP that was close to double his ES scoring rate. But because that wasn't how his coach used him, did that make him a lesser offensive player?

This isn't an absurd extreme example, either. This happens.

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