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08-28-2012, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Flamesarmstrong22 View Post
I will tell you right now and it wasn't 3 leagues it was 2. The first league I left because it wasn't very active. It was very boring and nothing was going on so I left. The second one I left because I asked to join this league and that league at the same time and both accepted so I had to make a decision, while deciding I got a trade offer and I was able to work out a trade that made me want to stay in this league so I left the other league in favor of this one. There you go, there is your homework for you. Now can you let me know if I can stay or not? I mean I have already worked out one trade with another gm and the other suitor agreed to go to the coyotes so I really don't see any problems with me being the sharks.

I apologize for breaking the rules before and posting my trade before I was suppost to and nothing stupid like that will happen again.
You worked out a trade when you weren't even the GM of a team...


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