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Originally Posted by Meteor View Post
It's not the Cup or Conn Smythe making me pick Ward. It's his current level of play - Cam Ward has really stepped it up in the last 2 seasons ... quietly playing well behind a bad defence in Carolina. He hasn't been elite, but he definitely isn't an average goalie like Niemi.

One game in this year's WC is making you doubt Ward? Remember, the only active Canadian goalies who have won a World Championship are ... Roberto Luongo and Cam Ward.

Really don't want to beat a dead horse any more. Luongo's stinkers didn't cost Vancouver a Cup - horrible special teams and the offence drying up did. Even if Luongo had played like an elite goalie, the Bruins would still have won - they just wouldn't have posted blowout scores. If anything, Luongo was a major reason we were even in position to win the Cup in the first place.

Oh, and if one bad playoff series disqualifies you from Olympic competition, then Ward and Fleury are out too.
Really don't want to beat a dead horse any more but Luongo's been crap for the last three years.

No; if you'd had a competant goalie, you would've been the Cup champions. Again, the guy just can't make a save, especially when the pressure is on.

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