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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
First bolded that would be wrong. Not in any order:

Toronto: Horton, Stanley, Brewer, Baun,
Chicago: Pilote, Vasko, St. Laurent, Evans,Arbour,
Detroit: M.Pronovost, Kelley, Godfrey, Jim Morrison,
Boston: Flaman, Armstrong, Boivin,
New York: Gadsby, Howell,Fontinato,

Not even close to #2 elsewhere.
no, not when stated like this, but every team didn't have all these exact players healthy every season that Turner played. Do I believe he was #2-caliber? Of course not, I'm simply stating it's a position one could take based solely on how good the Habs were.

In the Canadiens farm system, J.C. Tremblay and Jean Gauthier were better dmen but they were prospects who had to play plus they could not play forward on the PK.
Jean Gauthier, who played two full NHL seasons including one as a #5 with a poor expansion team, and couldn't catch on after that despite being just 30 when the league doubled in size?

Second bolded - see Pete Goegan.
Pete Goegan played 383 NHL games, just three seasons over 50 games exclusively in the NHL, none of them consecutive, and earned all-star consideration in one season.

Fontinato played 535 NHL games, seven consecutive seasons over 50 games exclusively in the NHL (and had the ability to play longer if not for an injury), and earned all-star consideration in two seasons, and other forms of recognition in two others.

Trust you don't need to put on glasses to see the difference between those two portfolios.

Third bolded. Never said that about Fontinato, Turner and/or Langlois which is what matters here. Specifically assume a 1960 expansion, none of the three gets a #1 role even though Langlois and Turner would be exposed.
So in a roundabout way you are saying they weren't top-12 defensemen. It's quite possible that you and I are both right, considering I'm only saying they were 30th at worst.

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