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Originally Posted by Richie to Brownie View Post
Mark Ellis leading off and Juan Rivera hitting ahead of Adrian, Hanley, and Either is definitely puzzling. I mean I could be wrong I haven't watched a Dodger game since the Giants series.

Juan wasn't the same player on the Angels after he broke his leg, but I'd sure take him over Vernon Wells.
Well, to be fair, Rivera was only in because Kemp is so reckless in the outfield (2 nights in a row!). Kemp left the game in the first inning so Rivera went into his spot, but I'm referring to Ellis and Victorino. Neither one gets on base at an acceptable clip for a legitimate offense to run efficiently (and neither one hits righties well at all).

With Mattingly, if you're fast and "good at advancing runners," you're going to be at the top of the lineup -- getting on base be damned! A.J. Ellis hits 8th EVERY SINGLE NIGHT because he's a catcher and the book says that catchers automatically hit 8th, even though he gets on base far more often than players such as Mark Ellis, Shane Victorino, Hanley Ramirez, and Andre Ethier. But, I mean, who wants guys on base in front of your best hitters anyway?

It's mind boggling how many times Kemp will come up with no one on base in his at bats (not that he's been doing much recently anyway, but that's beside the point). Mattingly completely reminds me of Terry Murray. Decent coach. Good people's skills. Just doesn't quite get as much out of his team as you know is there. His lineup construction neuters offense more often than not.

EDIT: Dodgers 1 & 2 hitters this season: .238/.307/.315. That does include Dee Gordon's numbers, but it definitely supports the notion that the best hitters are coming up with no one on base more than regularly. What's the definition of insanity again...?

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