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Originally Posted by Paradise View Post
I'm glad you mentioned your opinion, it's obviously different than mine, but I can still respect that it's yours.

I honestly think Kane has very high value (as do most of the posters in this thread). The Richards and Carter deals returned more than what was offered in that Devils deal. Also no offense to Read, but he's a 26 year old with 1 season under his belt, I'd rather see what he can do before comparing him to Simmonds or Voracek. The pick from Columbus was also a top 10 pick. The prospect from Philly (Schenn) was rated as 1 of the top prospects in all of hockey. There was also a 2012 2nd rounder included in the Richards deal. Both those deals were quality deals, with a lot of upside/potential. That Devils deal isn't even close to the value that Philly got back in return.
I don't think that they will get back as much as proven guys did for Kane. All of those guys were still some pretty big question marks. Now, everything worked out beautifully for the Flyers, but a lot could've gone wrong. A lot of people thought Schenn was overhyped, Simmonds was a fringe second liner max. Voracek could've stalled, I could go on and on.

There was still a ton of question marks in that deal. That's the only way the Jets will get the value they want. They will have to take on some question marks and it could work or maybe it doesn't. For the Flyers it worked.

Read was more of a hypothetical, but I seriously think that's all other teams would be willing to muster up. Of course, some teams like the Kings can be willing to spare more than a team with a weaker prospect pool like the Devils would. Columbus and LA both had some pretty solid prospect pools when they did those respective deals. Those players were kind of replaceable in a way.

I guess we can just agree to disagree, but I still think Kane's overrated and the return people expect for him isn't going to happen.

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