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08-28-2012, 11:57 PM
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Originally Posted by MJB Devils23 View Post
They also have the same physique. Same pitching motion. Nova's isn't as clean though. Same assortment of pitches. They also throw equally as hard give or take a mph here or there.

Well he's reaching every time he tries to prove I'm a troll. Since I'm not, he's not going to be very successful. Anybody trying to prove me wrong is reaching because it's impossible to prove me wrong. It's impossible for me to prove myself right. That is how opinions work.

Other players have been compared with less similarities than this before. You guys act as if there are certain ways to compare players. In fact, players don't even have to have many similarities to be compared.

When you pit two players against each other, you're comparing them. Ovechkin and Crosby for example.

Sometimes it's based solely on hometown. Bobby Murcer and Mickey Mantle for example.

Sometimes it's purely hype. Gretzky and Crosby for example.

It's not wrong to say Nova reminds me of Felix Hernandez in in fact he does.

In the movie Moneyball, Billy compares Hatteberg to Giambi simply for the fact he isn't a great fielder, but he gets on base a lot. Art Howe thought Billy was crazy for comparing Hatteberg to Giambi.
The two bolded sentences would seem to contradict each other, if Nova's delivery isn't as clean, it isn't the same. Half the pitchers in baseball have similar physiques, simply because a certain type tends to reach the majors more often. Throwing hard isn't everything, Felix's control is much better and that's why he's a better pitcher.

Opinions are fine, presenting controversial opinions as facts (as you often do) is inviting criticism.

Making offbeat or unexpected comparisons is fine too, and there's certainly a long history of that, but in this particular case with this particular claim, for the "John Doe-lite" comparison to have any meaning you need to have players that are objectively similar in the first place. Multiple reasonable posters have dissented from your notion that Nova and Hernandez are similar enough to make that comparison, so maybe there's something to it?

To use a hockey example (and an admittedly extreme example), could I seriously say that Wedgewood is Brodeur-lite without being laughed off the board? According to you, yes I could. They're both Canadian, they both came up through the CHL, they're both hybrid goalies, they both like to play the puck, they both catch with the same hand. But they clearly don't compare, because Wedgewood doesn't have nearly the body of work or obvious star future to make that a valid comparison.

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