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08-29-2012, 07:23 AM
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Originally Posted by PHILOUDELPHIA View Post
50-50 is that where it's at? i thought it was 52-48, its alot better then the 43 was initially, its pretty much even now as far as split give or take a few precentages.

bottom line whats everyones gut feeling? if anything they both have found a platform to build on, the rev split weather tis 50-50 or 52-48. so atleast they have something now.

so it is going to come down to salary cap, what is or isnt granfathered in or prehaps some amnesty.

my feeling heading into day is, the NHL PA will not accept this deal, but will take the rev split and build from there.
Well, I think, given that we're still three weeks out, there's no way the NHLPA accepts this deal.

I also don't think the owners have presented a serious offer yet, to be honest. Trimming a few percentage points back in the split--fine, but asking the players to take a haircut at a time when the league is brining in more money than ever before seems a bit disingenuous. Dropping the cap to a number that would screw 16 teams also rings a little hollow.

I think its revealing that the owner's haven't yet guaranteed the existing paychecks--regardless of the movement of the cap. Until that point, I think we can pretty much read everything as pure posturing--and, frankly, if we know that, Fehr and the NHLPA knows it, so the NHL is just wasting everyone's time at this point.

I just don't see how the current deal is that bad, in its fundamentals, for the owners as a whole. Could the cap ceiling / floor be tweaked? Sure. Do some adjustments need to be made in the overall split to account for the scale of the money now coming in? I guess--but it seems to me that the superstar players have done more to increase interest in hockey than the owners, and I don't see why they shouldn't get a cut of the money that came out of it. A starting offer that asks the players to take a 20 percent cut in their share, in this context, is just silly--particularly when everyone knows that the NBC / Comcast contract is kicking in unprecedented cash.

Greedy ****s.

End rant.

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