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08-29-2012, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by SabresAreScaryGood View Post
The lowered cap would be great because IMO they would have to allow teams to eliminate 1 or 2 contracts, which means if you bought a Leino jersey it was a bad investment.

Sabres are in pretty good shape with the new $58 million cap. Get rid of Leino's contract and stash Pardy in Rochester. We are at $55 million. Ennis get $2.5 million. Lets play hockey.
People keep making thus assumption that the league would allow some kind of amnesty. Nothing that has come out, from either side, has really mentioned this. It's folly to just assume that it's going to be there. The PA would have to agree to allow contracts to just be terminated, and they'll never do that. The last big chip the players have left is guaranteed contracts. They won't give that up.

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