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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
blank slate, non keeper league, custom scoring....

I have a pretty good idea or what I want to do, just wondering if anybody out there had some experience induced tips.

I've done many auctions before. I'd say very successfully, if I weren't pretending to be modest. My experience though is with baseball keeper auction, so maybe it doesn't port too well.

Try early on to figure out how conservative/aggressive the bidding is. If it is starting off conservative, try to snatch up the guys you want fast. My experience though is that even if an auction starts off a little conservatively, it starts to get aggressive fast. Once that happens, my primary goal in an auction is to try to bleed everybody of their money fast on guys I don't want, so I can get more of the players I do want cheap. Usually I do this through strategically putting players on the auction block. Ways to make this happen:

Know which owners are fans of which teams. If you have a lot of homerism, throw out the homerific guys early. Make them fight over and spend too much on that local player. As a corollary, there are no sleepers on the local team. Keep that in mind.

Follow everybody else's team as closely as yours and try to create bidding wars. i.e. if there are (say) 3 teams without QBs, only 2 good ones left on the board, and you already have your QB: Put the QBs to bid. You don't want them, you don't need them, but get them to bleed out their money.

Try to identify which teams would also want the players you want. Offer up for auction other players they might be interested in as a substitute.

2 warnings: You don't want people to realize that you are throwing out guys you think are junk; if they do, then they will act accordingly. Start them out with reasonable starting bids, be a little active in the early bidding on a guy, etc. For example, lets say you don't want the risk of Payton Manning. If you put him up for bid for $1 and then start checking your facebook on your phone, guys will get fishy. And of course, be careful not to wind up with the guys you are trying to get other people to buy!


As an aside, be wary of draft inflation. If players early on are going under value, then players later will be going over value. If players early on are going over value, then later players will go under value.

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