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08-29-2012, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Ziggy66 View Post
Not really. You had a great draft. The only slight weakness I can see is your QB situation...that being said your great RBs will make up for what your QBs will lack. Martin will be good (hopefully as I have him as well) and Gerhert should get alot of touches for the first couple weeks until A.P. is ready. YOur starting WR are solid and Austin should be good and Crabtree decent.

Richardson will be a gamble. He will either Sink, swim or tread water but a good pick non the less.

I wish our league would go back down to 8-10. 12 is just too many to have a fun was more stressfull then fun last night
Originally Posted by BGDDYKWL View Post
It's tough cause it's an 8-teamer. You essentially have the worst starting QB in your league, but I like the fact you also grabbed Rivers. Based on matchups that should still be ok. I do think you grabbed Manning too early though because all but one team in your league already had a QB, so you probably could've grabbed him (or whoever was left between Ryan, Peyton, Romo) much later. Could've had one more solid RB or stud WR on your team. I think Finley will have a good year, and like Tamme on your bench. I also like Richardson and Martin.
Thanks for the responses. Sucks that I have two QBs that are so high risk/high reward (they both throw a ton of picks), but I'm really hoping for a rebound year from Rivers.

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