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Originally Posted by Rockie View Post
So I'm going to start playing hockey in the fall, and I just absolutely need to be a goalie because I love it. But since I'm like 5' 8" on skates, the butterfly isn't really working for me because it just leaves way too much space when I'm down. I need to be able to move somehow, since I can tell that my positioning is going to be an issue right off the bat.

That said, would a more stand-up style allow me to get to more pucks? I'd like to play an "in your face", top-of-the-crease kind of game because I'd rather catch the puck than just stand in its way. Also, am I going to get laughed at for goals that could have been stopped easily by a butterfly goalie?

My last question's going to be about pads, and then I'll be out of your hair. Should I get shorter pads or something to move better, or just loosen them at the straps?
I'm about the same height and have been a butterfly goalie all my life. The style will work fine as long as you have good hand-eye coordination.

I don't recommend a stand up style due to the fact that as you get older (30-40) the shots get lower and lower(unless you are playing with talented guys) therefore a stand up style will become less effective. Go out and watch some C or D games in your area. A lot of goals come from close shots where the puck is less than a foot off the ice. Your team would rather you give up 4 or 5 goals that hit the top of the net than 6 or 7 goals around your feet.

My advice is to stick with it and work from the bottom up. Soon enough you will be quick enough to stop the high shots as well.

Good luck.

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