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Originally Posted by fryer98 View Post
One thing I hate, that it seems mostly new players do in an adult league game, is clearing guys from in front of the net after a whistle. I understand it if a guy is wacking at the goalie (which I raaaaaaarely ever do) but I get it a lot from guys when I'm just standing there waiting for a rebound that doesn't come. The whistle blows the they're coming at me like a rugby scrum. They watch too much TV and think because guys in the NHL do it after the whistle that they should too.

Most of the time, I probably know their goalie better than they do so I'm not real sure who they think they are protecting them from anyway.
This drives me nuts. I just started back up, after a 10 break from playing, so my skating is real rusty. I played in the summer league, in this area, which is supposed to be the beginner league but really isn't. I kept setting up in front if the net because the guys I was playing with said I had a knack for finding the open areas (not sure if it was just a nice way to say my skating is horrible still ). So after the 3rd or 4th deflection, the goalie covered up and I had one of the guys on D start pushing me into their goalie saying "get away from our goalie, back up, back up", all while his stick is caught in his goalies' mitt which is causing me to start toppling. So another guy comes over and starts pushing me into the first guy. I just laughed as I skated off. If you don't want me near your goalie don't push me into him.

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