Thread: Speculation: Cap to drop to 58 mil
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08-29-2012, 11:59 AM
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According to TSN, the players are strongly against this proposal. Which makes sense as it doesn't address the biggest issue facing the league at the moment which is the gap between the wealthy teams and the poor teams which can only be fixed through increased revenue sharing or contraction.

This deal would also have the players pay an excessive amount into escrow accounts, which the owners would then simply keep. Essentially tantamount to a salary rollback, which Fehr has already said is a non-starter.

To make it clear, having their portion of the total revenue decrease represents a concession by the NHLPA. They're not about to make a second concession on top of that, in the form of a salary rollback, just so the first concession can work. To get the first concession, the league would have to give up something, like an amnesty buyout period, which would see more money stay with the players.

By the time the two sides agree to the deal, I'm guessing the cap stays as it is for the shortened season (like the NBA did), with some sort of cushion for teams struggling to make the cap floor. The following season would see an amnesty buyout period if the cap were to drop significantly.

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