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08-29-2012, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
Yeah I see them settling on something a little higher because over half the league is over that $58M. They will have to do something in the way of a buyout period to get everyone under anyway.

We're around $53M now without having signed Kulikov or adding in Huberdeau (I think thats why its taken so long to sign Kuli...they were waiting on the CBA). So that puts us right against that cap it seems to my calculations. I guess that would at least kill any rumor of us being interested in Luongo finally
I am not sure if this is allowed to happen but I read somewhere that the players salary will be cut like the salary cap (same percentage) I dont think that is very likely...
But I still dont get why the owners are complaining about the cap hit..They are the people who are throwing out the money. But I like it more with a lower cap because of the lower market teams, like we are one.

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