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Ultimate Irony

Originally Posted by Iain Fyffe View Post
Point is that not covering a league which (effectively) never produces a player drafted in the NHL Entry Draft is not exactly a gaping hole in the system.

No, I want the leagues that are important with respect to the Entry Draft, principally the western and Ontario leagues. Others may be desirable, depending on their history in the draft.

The system can, in theory, work with any junior league, it's just a matter of devoting the resources necessary to calibrate the calculations for that league. If the league is very unlikely to produce a draft-worthy player, then the limited time available is better spent on another league.

There will always be outliers
. There's no way around that.
The ultimate irony. You are now using all the elements of the "old guard" position when the Montreal Canadiens drafted John van Boxmeer in the 1st round, 14th overall in the 1972 NHL draft.

Conversely the progressive organizations, GMs, scouts, found ways to mine the Jr A leagues to the point where today they cannot be ignored at all.

Previously on this board, I posted about the growing shift to the private high schools in Quebec for hockey development.

Call it what you wish but progressive GMs, scouts, etc have to be pro-active but your efforts based on the bolded above is re-active.

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