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08-29-2012, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Philadelphia Ducks View Post
But that's the benefit of us getting stuck with the ****tier and low salary capped teams, we can make bigger offers to the free agents. I don't really think it's fair limit the teams with a lot of cap space from offering more money to the better free agents.

Playing with Toronto, not many people are interested in any of the players on my team, which is understandable, so I'll have to turn to the free agent players, but now you propose that I'll be limited with how much I can spend on that? That'd just screw me even more, and other teams with less attractive pieces and the cap space.

OK then I'm more just wondering how it works. So the game will allow all teams to spend up to the salary cap despite not being able to afford that in reality? I guess there's no way to really limit that.

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