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Originally Posted by jkrx View Post
I would be news to me if he played more than Johnson the first season in Montreal and Gauthier during the last. You raise an intresting question about McSorley, is he really MLD material? While I don't have any research infront of me, I get the feeling that McSorley is Jimmy Orlando but a bit better offensively and worse defensively (and with longevity as Orlando had WW2 interupting his career).
Doubtful. There are a lot of reasons to take McSorley well ahead of Orlando.

- McSorley is a legitimate 4th line goon option as opposed to exclusively a defenseman.
- There is lots of doubt surrounding Orlando’s status as a fighter/tough guy. He collected penalty minutes, but we aren’t really sure of the context. McSorley was a legitimate heavyweight who fought and beat most other heavyweights.
- Even if you give some leeway for the WW2 years, McSorley had a career in the big leagues that was over twice as long.
- McSorley was a leader – was Orlando?
- McSorley was an agitator – was Orlando?
- Was Orlando the type of player you’d ever expect to lead the NHL in +/- if it existed in the 40s?
- No one ever tossed a few all-star votes Orlando’s way; they did to McSorley.
- McSorley signing a contract that temporarily made him hockey’s 16th-highest paid player is good evidence of how he was valued in his role. Would Orlando get paid like that?
- The offensive gap between them can’t be written off as “a bit”. McSorley had a half dozen seasons more impressive than Orlando’s best, and that 11 point season didn’t exactly prove to be sustainable.
- What do we know about Orlando’s defensive game, anyway?

Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
Bob Turner:

Played two seasons for Chicago at the expense of Al Arbour:

who played more than 350 NHL games post Chicago, contributing to two Toronto SCs and three Blues SC finals. Bob Turner played app 150 NHL games.

Jean Gauthier played app 175 NHL games, contributing to one Montreal SC.

Canadiens came out ahead on the Turner for Gauthier flip, Chicago lost big time, disrupting a SC team for no benefit. Toronto, St. Louis and Al Arbour did the best.
I think it’s obvious that in the long run Al Arbour proved he was better than Bob Turner. Bad decision by Chicago. No argument there. Gauthier? That would take a lot of convincing. I wonder if he’d even be selected by pick #4000.

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