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The New Canadiens

Originally Posted by Iain Fyffe View Post
This is very well-put. If I had unlimited resources (or even a significant amount of resources) of course I would incorporate every possible source of players in the system. Being that I'm one guy doing this in his spare time, this simply isn't realistic, and if an NHL team were actually pursuing this line of analysis, they would be in a much better position than I am to capture as much data as possible.

Canadiens1958 is right to an extent, that the system has to be re-active in some sense, because it relies on historical data. If there is a shift towards one line of development that had previously been relatively untapped, this will be slow to be reflected in the system. Of course, it will also take years to know whether scouts are right to be focusing more on this new line of development. It's one thing to claim it's more important, it's another to demonstrate that a significant number of NHL-worthy players actually emerge from it.

However, even if you completely ignore a relatively minor source of players, you'll still do very well with such a system. Covering major junior, the NCAA and European leagues gives you the vast majority of draft-worthy prospects, and if you can add Junior A in there as well so much the better. Not ranking every single player is not a big deal; you'll miss the occasional player (just like the scouts do) [and this assumes you're only using such a system to draft, which I don't recommend] but will do well on the great majority of them.
See the direction that the Canadiens are taking under Marc Bergevin:

Hiring of Donald Audette and the growing importance of the Quebec Midget AAA league:

The European countries and the USA have caught on as well. Likewise for other regions of Canada and the USA as well as the other NHL teams.

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