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08-29-2012, 02:58 PM
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16 teams are OVER 58 mil right now. 13 are over 61, 6 are over 65mil, 2 are over 68mil, none are over 69 of right now.

if the NHL wants a lower cap, then they are going to have to roll back cap hits accordingly. drop from 70 to 58? youd have to roll back the salaries/cap hits, or both to match that...if thats the case the Rangers will be fine....theyd come in at about 48 mil right now. in cap hits....thats still more than enough space to bring back everyone else.

the NHLPA nor the majority of the NHL owners will allow them to roll back the cap that much without doing something to the cap hits. youd have turmoil...youre not gonna have over half the teams looking to dump significant salary. who'se gonna sign them? youd have 50+ nhl players suddenly unemployed. thats never gonna happen.

they are gonna have to keep it right at what its at right now, and hold it locked into place until the split becomes 50/50 or a cap hit rollback. in either scenario the Rangers are well placed to bring back everyone.

do the math again with the salary cap hits of current contracts rolled back accordingly.

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