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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
The muscle that runs alongside the tibia is the tibialis anterior. If you can point your toes away and have it relieve the soreness, or pull your toes toward your knee and increase the soreness, that's what you're looking at.

In the case of skating, there's not a lot of posterior movement that your foot can do simply because the heel of the boot restricts it so much. So what's happening is that your skating motion (with knees bent) would be roughly equal to walking around on a daily basis on your heels with your toes off the ground. Most people can walk around with no problem, most people can't walk on their heels for more than a few steps before having to stop.

There are a few ways to stretch it to relieve the soreness and pain. But the best remedy would be to strengthen the muscle to increase the vasculation (and endurance).
This. Also, sciatica can make this worse as well.

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