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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
Understand what? The fact that I'm basing my opinion on reality and that yours is based on this feeling you have? I am waiting for justification on your part, not only for OEL but for Gudbranson too now. You haven't come up with a single legitimate reason as to why you think they are better poised to be no1 defenders more than Subban. Especially as far as the Flyers are concerned. Nice backtracking on your earlier statement too, you clearly dropped Pietrangelo's name with the likes of Fowler, OEL and Gudbranson.
im a little unclear as to what facts predict the future of a bunch of highly touted defense prospects. i don't like subbans game. that's my opinion. the mere fact that it differs from yours doesn't give you any sort of reason to talk to me like i have no idea what i'm talking about.

second of all, i've already explained that the mere fact that i listed pietrangelos name with a few other guys who are obviously below him in terms of current accomplishment and development doesn't, in any way, mean i was claiming that they're on his level at their own respective junctures. i don't really know why you're so upset over this, but that's all i'm going to say on the matter. obviously pietrangelo is better than oel, gudbranson and fowler right now. but i do believe that oel, gudbrandson and fowler have the ability to be the types of players i'd want in a #1, much like pietrangelo is on the road to being. i don't really know how you're not getting this. so essentially you're attacking me because i don't think subban will be a legit #1, which i've already denoted as a subjective opinion, and you have an issue with my listing techniques? ok then.

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