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08-29-2012, 07:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
According to people who actually watch hockey Ryan White is a winger. He played center in junior but was quickly removed from that role when he turned pro. He was put on the wing because he is too slow to play center in the NHL. It is funny how people on this site treat players like EA sports commodities. I guess Markov is also a center because that is where he played in Russia prior to being drafted.

As far as the hate issue is concerned, your statement clearly stated that when a employer fires an employee it constitutes hatred. This is a ridiculous statement.........while hate is a possibility in this scenario, it is far from an absolute.
Ok you completely missed my whole argument.

Yes an employer can "hate" an employee. Did I say every time someone gets fired it because the company hates him? No, I never said that. You are suggesting that just because I said I've heard employers said they hated employees that I believe that every time a person gets fired/laid off it's for that reason. I don't think most people get fired over being hated by a boss. I understand they get fired over bad performance, not getting to work on time, stealing, etc. Layoffs are for financial reasons in most cases. Did I have to clarify myself this much?

My original point was that the team was not happy with Malakov. Why should fans not be able to not like player when the team is allowed to not like players? Malakov was traded because the team didn't want him. That was my point.

You might think White is too slow but it's your opinion on the matter. It might even be the opinion of 90% of the population, but he has been playing that position for most of his playing career and there is nothing wrong with me stating that I'd like to see him keep that position next season. Just because my opinion doesn't agree with most doesn't mean I wants some ludicrous player move. The ESPN/Markov comment doesn't even compare in this situation. I'm not asking a defense to play forward. I'm asking a natural center to keep playing as a center.

I'm sorry I don't agree with you but what's the point in trying to put down my argument with nonsense comparisons? Hey let's put Markov as a goalie, his save percentage is 1.0000!!!

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