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Originally Posted by Mad Habber View Post
You want to do something worthwhile and not miss out on hockey when it does comeback, boycott the sponsors. Just make a list of all the sponsors, and as often as possible, boycott their products and services and go straight to their competition. Don't forget to let the sponsors know what you're doing and why. If they lose enough business, they'll put pressure on the NHL which means a lot more to Buttman than a handfull of disorganized fans not attending a few games in a handful of cities. Moreso in Montreal or Toronto or other places where they have a waiting list for people to get in.
Yeah let's boycott Nike..... and buy some Bauer... or Reebok maybe... or should we go with CCM? Wait should I even buy myself any skates after all since they are all competing against each other? No I guess I won't play my favorite sport this winter.

I won't go to any restaurants either since somewhere somehow, all fast food chains are sponsoring at least one NHL team.

If I'm with Rogers, should I cancel my phone contract and go with Bell? Oh wait they too are sponsors.

Nah I guess I'm just gonna buy myself a car and.......... dammit, pretty much every single car company is sponsoring one or multiple teams!

Okay fuk it, I'll remain on my couch and play some video games.... but if I recall, Playstation is a sponsor too, so I can't.

Well I'll go buy some beers and...........

So yeah... we're fuked.

You might wanna reconsider the "just don't buy any tickets" option, right?

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