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08-29-2012, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Beezeral View Post
Keep this in your mind at all times.

Your glove hand should NEVER cross over your chest. When using the glove to make a save, your thumb should ALWAYS be pointing up. (if you are catching a puck and your thumb is pointing to the ice, you did it wrong)


NEVER bend over to reach down for a puck to make a save. (if your head is tilting forward and your back is parallel with the ice, you did it wrong.) If its a low shot that you want to catch, drop into a butterfly and then catch it.
Both of these are common soccer moves that I carried over. I'm screwed in terms of bad habits I see.

Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
I'm not really understanding your logic, you say you would prefer to catch, but if you're down in butterfly a shot is much more likely to go to your glove area especially in a low level beer league. Plus, if you are playing a noticeably standup style, any team with a half-decent coach or smart player is going to realise this and tell the team to shoot low, and your glove won't see any action all night.
I'm new to this, I'm not supposed to make sense

But no seriously, I just don't trust my lower body enough... yet. I'll have to if I want to have some sort of success, though.

Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
Plus as people have already said positioning is the #1 priority in goaltending and even if you are small you can be successful with good positioning.
Yeah, I'll have to work on that too especially on the short-range shots, I go way too far out of the crease sometimes.

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