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08-29-2012, 10:04 PM
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I split a team in a 10 team league with my dad for his work fantasy league, we had the 2nd pick.It's a little different then most, you must draft 2 QB,3 RB,4 WR,2 K and 2 D.TEs just count as receivers.We start 1 QB,2 RB,2 WR,1 K and 1 D with 2 flex, must be a QB,RB or WR.Scoring is dependent on length of TD's, anywhere from 3-7 points.Yardage starts at 1 point for 50 Rush/Rec yards and 1 more point for every 25 after that.Passing yardage starts at 250 for 1,1 point every 50 yards after that.INT's do not count against, either do fumbles.

QB:Michael Vick
QB:Josh Freeman
RB:Arian Foster
RB:Matt Forte
RB:Frank Gore
WR:Larry Fitzgerald
WR:Roddy White
WR:Miles Austin
WR:Aaron Hernandez
K:Rob Bironas
K: Dan Carpenter

Love my RB and WR's, I really need Vick to return to form though.QB's went quick (15 gone by end of round 3 and my strategy for this draft was to wait on QBs.Since every other team drafted both their QBs by round 9 we were able to wait to draft Freeman with our very last pick since we didn't have to worry about any other team taking a QB.)

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