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Originally Posted by InfinityIggy View Post
If you honestly think Hudler is better on D then you haven't watched either of them.

If Hudler has a better shot and better pass, then he would have more points then Jokinen plain and simple
He clearly doesn't. The fact you describe Hudler as a gritty player shows you have no clue. There is nothing gritty about Hudlers game.
I've been watching Hudler since he was a prospect who made the NHL at 19, but was then demoted to allow him time to develop some strength while he dominated the AHL. I've been watching Jokinen since he was traded for Palffy. I think have a pretty good handle on what they're capable of.

I'm not saying Hudler's a 100-point monster, or some kind of super-awesome two-way player. I'm also not saying Jokinen sucks at D. Simply that Hudler is better at it.

As for grit, Hudler busts his ass every shift, digs in the corners, goes to the net, and he will stand up for himself, even if that standing doesn't reach very high.

As for Jokinen having more points, I have a thought or two. Jokinen played about two minutes more than Hudler per game at even strength, with Hudler missing one game and Joker missing none. Hudler had 40 ESP to Jokinen's 37. Jokinen played most of the year centering Iginla and one of Glencross or Tanguay, and played the PP with Iginla and Tanguay. Hudler spent much of the season playing with Filppula and Zetterberg, but played most of his PP time as the point man on the second unit rather than playing up front where he has been proven extremely effective at ES and on the PP. Hudler was 11 points back of Jokinen, but had he played forward he might have scored more than Jokinen. The even-strength numbers certainly bear out that idea.

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