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Originally Posted by SuperGenius View Post
Me three.

I love the pageantry and history of college football, but over the last 10-15 years it seems to me that some of that has been lost. I was part of game day for several years at Ohio State, and there really was nothing better than any part of that experience, either on the field or in the stands. Some of that remains, but other parts seem drowned out by speakers on scoreboards, commercials between plays and obnoxious fans who have no real idea why they're supporting a team other than to share in their success.

These days, while I'm proud of my time at OSU and my small part in the tradition of saturday afternoons at Ohio Stadium, I don't feel so proud about being a Buckeye anymore. It all went south for me about the same time as the Clarett mess.

I hope that labor problems aren't the Maurice Clarett to my love of the NHL.
The atmosphere over the years has changed. I talked in great detail with OSU Band leaders about their frustrations about not being able to play at certain point of the game because they have to let a sponsor show a commercial or whatever it is. Its all about the money. History and tradition don't mean anything if the money is rolling in.

BTW, the frustrations the band had was a story i was shooting that ended up being killed. I dont remember why.

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