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Originally Posted by Chris Hansen View Post
Kane had 28 points in that playoff run, 1 behind everyone's golden boy Toews. With an average top-6er instead of Kane, the Hawks don't even beat Nashville in the first round. Remember Game 5?

Lol, PK is so underrated, it's even spreading to some Hawk fans.
Sorry bud but you're out to lunch on this one.
I knew you were going to bring that up. 1 point behind Toews who plays 1000x better defense than Kane.

Kane had a great post-season and was a significant part of them winning the cup but honestly, if you switch todays Eberle with Kane in that cup run, im 100 % sure the Hawks win it anyways. Based on how he seems to excel when his team needs it the most. So is Eberle a franchise player to you then?

Originally Posted by Chris Hansen View Post
Based on last season? The one where the Oilers were in the basement for a third straight year?

Eberle's clutch play in juniors is irrelevant in the NHL. You cannot pump his tires for being "lethal and clutch" and not say the same is true for Kane to a far larger degree, given Kane has actually proven to be a big-game player in the biggest league of them all.
Im not speaking about the juniors. Im speaking about his play in the NHL. Seriously, watch all his goals and how important they were for his team. But you know, obviously when he alone didnt carry the Oilers to the playoffs he isnt nearly as good as Kane.. You know thats a stupid thing to say. Besides, i never said Kane isnt clutch or lethal.

I can see your point and accept it but if you cant see my argument then get real bud.

EDIT: found this thread

I actually like the Batman reference in that thread. Kane makes for a very nice Robin but he is no Batman.

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