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Originally Posted by Ogrezilla View Post
aren't tickets dirt cheap in most of the struggling markets? I know they were selling tickets at the gates of Columbus for like 10 or 15 bucks.
I was once in Miami at Sawgrass Mills Mall, which is right next to the Arena. I wanted to go the game against the Isles that night (yeah well, didn't go to Miami because of hockey, so that was the game that was on) with my girlfriend and I told her that we should go to the gate 15 minutes before the game because then they were probably cheaper. Anyway, we walked into the Mall at 10 am (it was a 7.30 pg game) and a guy came up to us:

Guy: "Heeeey guys, you wanna go to the Panthers game tonight?" And gave me two tickets to look at

The price on the ticket said $44.00 each and I tough maybe in the evening they were cheaper so I said: "Well, yeah, we're just gonna...."

Guy cuts me off: "Enjoy the game" and walks aways to catch a group of people entering the mall.

They were handing out free tickets about 10 hours before the game even started. Granted, it was against the Isles, I was still surprised.

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