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Originally Posted by FilthyNote View Post
Name: Mel

Age: Like 105-ish

Sex: M

Birthplace: The Outback, AUS

Hometown: L.A.

Mode of Transportation: Faith

Job: Friar.

How and when you became a Blues fan: Long time ago.

Favorite current Blues player: Carlo Colaiacovo

Favorite all-time Blues player: Andy Murray

Favorite active non-Blues player: Jesus Christ

Favorite all-time non-Blues player: Jesus Christ

Definitive Blues moment: Everytime they play the national anthem.

First Blues Game Attended: N/A

College Attended/Attending: Church.

Music You Listen to: Christian

Favorite Band(s): Faith +1, Nine Inch Nails.

Favorite Movie(s): Passion of the Christ.

Favorite Food: Anything with cow.

Favorite TV Show: 700 Club

Hobbies: Praying
Reminds me of this guy I used to know...what was his name? Aqua Diety? Blue God! That's it. Yeah, he was a jerk. Luckily nothing like you.

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